Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Another wonderful review of Sell the Pig on The French Village Diaries

I always appreciate everyone who takes the time to leave their comments on Sell the Pig either here, on Amazon (where there are now 21 x 5-star reviews in total) or on their own blog or website. Reader feedback is so helpful in deciding whether it really is worthwhile bashing on with a sequel.

Don't forget to have your say, let me know what you thought about Sell the Pig, what photos you'd like to see here on the blog and what more detail you'd like in a sequel.  I always try to respond to each of you personally, and certainly to post the pictures you ask for - just ask Carl Legge!  He asked for the photos of the Lincolnshire grottage - I've done the befores, here are a few afters.

In the meantime, here's the link to the Sell the Pig review on The French Village Diaries .Thanks so much, Jacqui!

Back garden - after

Kitchen - after

Sitting room - after

My bedroom - after

Don't forget, you're in charge of this blog. Tell me what you'd like to see or to know and I shall post it. Thanks for reading!


  1. I can testify that Tottie is indeed true to her word :)

    You did a fab job revitalising the grottage there Tots and the garden looks just beautiful. I can imagine how difficult it must have been to leave the place having invested so much emotion and energy in it.

    Now - what does the fridge magnet say? ;)

  2. What part of No don't you understand? ;)

    I brought some cuttings of those lovely hardy geraniums with me here so just waiting to see if they have survived several transplants and the recent hard frosts - fingers crossed.

  3. A lovely transformation,and the garden looks just grand :) I hope the geraniums have survived- I love keeping plants from previous places-I still have generations of a fuchsia from a 29p cutting from woolies from my old basement flat in the 70s !!

  4. Thanks. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, it is quite touch, it came originally from a cutting from Mother's garden so has moved around quite a lot.