Thursday, March 29, 2012

A book about moving to France

I know I said I wouldn't blog every day but here's a little bonus as I'm just off for a long weekend.

When I started this book blog, I was thinking of people who have already ready Sell the Pig, so they could leave their feedback and suggestions for a sequel. Then I realised that wasn't very fair on those who haven't read it. So I'll include a few excerpts on here to explain what the photos I post are all about.

Again, as Mother is so central to the book and is the reason behind its title, I thought you'd like to see some more photos of her.

"Then there's mother, now aged 89 and going through some glorious second childhood where she likes to say 'bum' and 'bugger' as often as possible." ......

'The fixation with bums is harder to explain. The other day when I visited the nursing home who are, allegedly, looking after her, I was most surprised to find her apparently absorbed in a rugby match on television, as she has never shown any interest at all in sports, particularly neither team games nor contact sports.

Rugby, mother? You?” I asked.

Yes,” she replied, without peeling her gaze away from the heaving flesh of the Australian pack as they went into a scrum. “Look at all those big fat bums".'

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A blog about a book

Well, I've finally done it. After writing many blogs for clients, I've given in to pressure and am starting my own. Those of you who have kindly read Sell the Pig have all said you would have liked to have seen pictures of the people and places I wrote about, and are looking forward to a sequel.

This blog is the place where I hope to give you some snippets. It's where I also hope people will pop in and feel free to leave their comments, good or bad, about Sell the Pig and to tell me what things in particular you'd like to read about in the sequel.

I'll try and post some pictures but I'm not very techie and it will take me a while to get the hang of this. I'm also not the sort of writer who thinks it's essential to blog every five minutes. So I'll probably only update it about once a week but I promise to try to keep an eye on things and respond as quickly as I can to your comments.

If I don't, just give me a poke on either Facebook  or Twitter!/tottielimejuice and I'll come whizzing back to respond.

Those of you who have read Sell the Pig will know that Mother and my dog Meic were two of the most important characters, and central to the whole business of moving to France. So it's only right that my first picture should be of the two of them together, long-suffering Meic in his role of Santa's little helper, visiting Mother in the home in St Helens where she was so well looked after.

Thanks for following me on my little blog and thanks for all your kind interest in both my book and my somewhat unusual family!