Monday, June 24, 2013

Sell the Pig gets bigged up by a lamb

Today I spent an enjoyable time chatting to a lamb. Yes, really. Young Ida de Ouessant not only has her own Facebook page but also her own blog in which she kindly gives a mention to Sell the Pig.

It seems her person has read Sell the Pig and enjoyed it, so this very enterprising little lamb decided to give it a bit of a plug on her blog. In her diary entry No 15 she pinched a link I used on my blog to the very lovely Shepherd's Song from Canteloube's Songs of the Auvergne, the music which first inspired me to visit this region which is now my home.

A very appropriate song for a clever young lamb!


  1. I knew Ida would be famous - she was always the smart arse - lots of love from her cousins Binky, Annie and Howie. Actually, this is written by Binky - i am the clever one really but never got the breaks

  2. Ah, such is life, Binky. My dog Meic actually wrote most of Sell the Pig but I stole all the glory ;)

    Tots x