Wednesday, May 29, 2013

FREE prize draw coming soon - honestly, it really is!

I know I keep promising you another FREE prize draw to win a signed copy of Sell the Pig. And it really is coming soon.

It's just that I have the chance to link it into an exciting event which should bring in more readers from around the world, and I'm not in charge of the date for that.  So please bear with me, I will launch the prize draw as soon as I can.

As usual, there will be one very simple question, the answer to which you can easily find here amongst the posts on this blog, or on the Sell the Pig - Tottie Limejuice page on Facebook.

And because you've all been very patient in waiting for this month's prize draw, and there can only be one winner, I have a special offer for those of you who don't win.  For one day only, after announcing the name of the winner, I will drop the paperback price, so you can all take advantage of lower price to get your copy.

I can't tell you exactly by how much it will drop - those of you who have read Sell the Pig already or who follow me on Facebook or Twitter will know I'm dyscalculic, can't do numbers, and certainly not percentages. But I will drop it by whatever I can.

So be patient a few more days and in the meantime, have a glance through the posts here on the blog for anything about Tottie Limejuice - whoops, was that a great big clue I just gave you?

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